Bolster Pillow – The Unique Throw Pillow

In most homes, throw pillows are present. A throw pillow is a small pillow which is commonly placed on a sofa or chair. However, it can also be used in beds. There are several types of it and one type is the bolster pillow.

This type can be used to decorate a room. Even if it small, it is very decorative. It can add a look to a room even if it just placed on the sofa. Every person who will enter your room will be amazed by its beauty that he/she will want to use it.

It is unique because it has a cylindrical shape. Most pillows are square shaped but this one is of different shape. It is sometimes shaped throw pillows referred as neck roll or tube pillow because of its shape.

Microbeads are used to fill this pillow especially if it for the use of a child. It can be used in many ways. You can use it while you are watching television. There are times that when you watch a movie, you do not want to sit properly. You want to lie down especially if the movie is long. You can use this pillow while you are lying down on the sofa.

Also, it can be used for sleeping. There are pillows that are really intended for sleeping but you can still use this throw pillow if you want. If you are minimizing space in your bed, then this will suit you since it is small.

Moreover, it can be used when you travelling. Bed pillows are big enough to bring into the car. They can use wide space. To avoid that, use a throw pillow. Surely, you will save space and you will not be having difficulty in carrying it.