Corporate Massage – An Innovative Workplace Benefit

It may seem odd at first, but the idea of corporate massage in the UK is catching on all over, and for good reason. Massage at work is a low-cost way for employers to provide a unique service with proven benefits. A typical office massage lasts only 10 to 15 minutes and gives a huge return on investment. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of workplace massage and present some options for handling the cost.

Benefits of Massage in the Workplace

The benefits of massage are well known and when professional massage is added to an employee’s benefit package, it actually helps reduce the cost of other benefits like health insurance. In addition, massage reduces and relieves fatigue, increases alertness, enhances thinking and promotes a general sense of well being. These benefits carry over into the workplace in the form of a less stressful and even enjoyable work environment. Have you ever read those articles about the top places to work? Well, you’re likely to find corporate massage services listed as a benefit offered by those select companies. Even companies who aren’t in a position to offer regular professional massage at work often make it available as a special event. For example, the company will hire massage therapists to visit their location, bringing with them all the equipment needed to perform their services. Then, during the workday, employees can take some time from their duties to get a massage. For companies who don’t want to offer a full traditional prone massage, there’s corporate seated massage that’s equally beneficial but takes less time and money.

More Benefits of Workplace Massage

Besides improving morale and 역삼동 오피 helping companies to retain employees, the benefits of massage may also include the reduction of injuries, such as those that result from repetitive motion or overuse. Employees do not have to undress. Corporate seated massage occurs in a public space, not in a secluded or private room and uses a comfortable chair, rather than the traditional massage table.

What about the Cost of Workplace Massage?

There are two options. First, employee can pay on their own. Second, the company can pay the full cost or subsidise the cost, making corporate massage in the UK more affordable for everyone. A third option might be to set up a savings pool to which everyone contributes small amounts on a regular basis. When there’s enough money in the pool, the massage therapists are invited to the company. Whether employee-paid or company-paid, massage has tangible benefits for both the employee and the company and more employers should consider offering this cost-effective service to their employees.