Flash Web Video – the Internet on Flash – Web Video on Steroids

Flash Web Video has only been around for a short number of years, but in the internet world, this is an eternity!

Before Flash Video, it was virtually impossible to download a video without an infuriatingly long wait time. The then popular web video formats, Windows, QuickTime and Real Media, all had large file sizes. This kept video for the web generally out of reach.

Consumers were paying for more and more bandwidth and these web video delivery systems were just not keeping up. Now, a Flash web video player runs over 96% of all Internet-connected personal computers!

With the perception of web video beingĀ  Steroids Australia not just a video for videos sake, but actually for delivering interactive web content, it became essential for a format like Adobe Flash to break through.

Flash web video is everywhere now. YouTube, the New York Times, and all of the major television networks use Flash web video to show you what you want to see without the jumpy start and stop of the old web streaming video.

Video has now become a powerful marketing tool. The advertising industry can not leave this stuff alone because the numbers just do not lie. People like flash web video and download it by the millions. These kinds of numbers make media executives sit up and take notice. Flash web video now sets the pace.

The other fantastic thing about Flash web video is that is not only for the ultra cutting edge computer techie type. It is becoming more and more common primarily because designers and developers have discovered that it just is not that difficult to do.

It used to be that there was no universal video viewer and this was causing problems as the internet world continued to grow and demand more. Another frustrating issue was the fact that not all web browsers were supporting the same video format. Thankfully, with the addition of Flash web video, this has all changed.

Web-based video can be integrated into any website and it allows you full creative control to change this video whenever you feel it is time for a quick update. Flash web video allows an interactive experience with your audience complete with voice, music and images.