Ideas For Drapes And Curtains

If you are ready to see your home get a “face lift,” but want to keep any modifications within your budget, consider refurbishing or replacing drapes and curtains. Since the windows in your home are being used constantly, they deserve the best. Think of windows as being your home’s “eyes” that view the world. Older window treatments can become discolored or dingy over time. Even having them laundered may at this point don’t be able to bring back their original fresh and new look.

Depending on the style of drapes and/or curtains you are replacing, you may not even have to replace the hardware for hanging. However, there are presently so many styles and colors from which to choose. You can go for the contemporary look, or use sets to grace bay windows in a craftsman built home that will bring out its older style charm.

If your doors and windows currently do not sport valences, these add a nice touch atop the sash. A completely adorned window might have a Venetian, vertical, or cellular blind, flanked by a set of filmy curtains in an accent color for the room. Add drapes to complement, then the matching drapery panels valance as a finishing touch. Of course, it is not necessary to go all out with the decor unless desired. You can either use all the above or combinations thereof.

Another variation on window treatments is to use curtains, then add another rod and top ruffle to hide the curtain top and its rod. The top ruffle also looks great when used over blinds alone.

If a sliding glass doorway is to get the treatment, vertical blinds are perfect, topped by a valence. Some persons dispense with blinds and stick with drapes alone, which is just fine. If you want to decorate a set of French doors, or an older front door with a glass panel, for example, any blind is perfect for that decorative touch.

If your home is older, and you want to stay in period fashion, add a bottom rod to that door curtain, so it will lay taut from top to bottom, but still can hold the pleated look. This used to be done, in order to keep door curtains from billowing out with a breeze as the door was opened or closed

However you decide, rest assured you have the choices that will make your occupation of refurbishment easy, and the finished results will be pleasing to the eye.