LCD TV Monitors

LCD monitors have an edge over other monitors as they have better resolution and sleek design. Due to the liquid crystal display technology, an LCD monitor can produce 16.7 million colors, which means, the tiniest of hues can be detected. LCD monitors are sleekly built, so they occupy less space on the table. They are also lightweight and very easy to transport.

LCD TV monitors are a combination of monitors used for computers and a normal television. They have a TV tuner built into them, which can allow them to function as both. They also have audio visual inputs, which can allow speakers and even woofers to be attached.

LCD TV monitors work on the principle of blocking unwanted colors from the white spectrum. Their screens have a large number of pixels, each of which twist and turn at appropriate angles to produce an image. The pixels are illuminated by a thin lamp or a projector LCD. Due to this, the LCD TV monitors can be designed very compactly. They also offer great viewing angles. Some LCD TV monitors can also produce good quality images when viewed at an angle as obtuse as 170 degrees.

LCD TV monitors also have non glare screens. This makes them easy on the eyes, even when viewed very closely. Also, they are not affected by light falling on them. Even in a bright room, the quality of image on TCL Smart TV an LCD monitor will be as crisp as in a dark room.

LCD TV monitors are available in general sizes of 19′, 20′, 21′, and 23′ and upward. Smaller LCD TV monitors are also available in sizes of 14′ and 17′. LCD TV monitors provide good image qualities irrespective of their sizes. There are some complaints. LCD TVs suffer from high burn rates; which means the image persists on the pixels for longer times. Also some LCD monitors cannot run high density games, which require HD compatibility. Some LCD monitors also produce a ghosting effect. However constant improvements are being made in LCD TV monitors to make these anomalies redundant.

In order to make LCD TV monitors sleeker, companies make their buttons small. Sometimes this becomes an issue if the buttons are too small to be read.