Statistics Reveal the Popularity of Corporate Gifts

Studies reveal how popular corporate gifts are among various strata of people. 1.55% of people have revealed that they keep their promotional products for more than 1 year. Around 2.76% of people remembered the name etched on the promotional product they had received a year back. And a greater percentage of them revealed that they kept their products as they were useful to them. This shows how people remember the promotional gifts given to them. This shows how people will start relating to the product and remember the company name. So, the next time they see any product with the same company name, it instantly strikes them and they will show loyalty towards the new product of the same company and thus promotes sales for the chain of products that belong to the same company.

A good sales strategy would be to sell a product by adding a complimentary gift item along with it. If a buyer was to get a discount of 25% on a product of $50, then he will not hold the product that he has bought in high regard. Instead, if he buys a product for $50 and gets a gift corporate gifts bulk worth 25$, he will definitely value that product he has bought. Common fallacy that buyers have is that if they buy a product with some discount on it, they are not of standard quality. Hence, if they buy the product for the same price as the market price and get a complimentary gift, the sales of such product will definitely be better. Here is a catch!

Packaged items make customers feel that they’re getting a good deal for purchasing in bulk, it maximizes your average transaction value and promotes you to move slow selling items. Attaching a free gift along with a high priced popular product will increase the sales on the product manifold. There are various ways of promoting a product, out of which free promotional gifts is one among them.