Tongkat Ali Tree Root Extract – Nature’s Own Testosterone Booster

Tongkat Ali is a very interesting tree for the testosterone boosting properties found in the roots. It’s not a large tree, typically growing to only 30 feet tall and it is mostly only found in the tropical and sub-tropical forests of South East Asia. Asian cultures extend far further back in history and developed much earlier than western civilizations which were stuck in the dark ages for many centuries. As such, most Asian cultures developed an affinity with nature and the natural remedies to be found in plant and animal materials. When the healing properties of the Tongkat Ali tree root were discovered hundreds of years ago, today they are a deeply embedded wisdom in traditional healing medicines.

Indeed Tongkat Ali is still widely used today in most Asian countries to deal with the symptoms of low testosterone levels buy TestoPrime which typically are revealed by low sexual interest or sexual dysfunction, excess weight gain, reduced muscle mass, heart and circulation problems, diabetes and obesity. When traditional healers assess their patient’s medical problems, rather than treat only the symptoms, they take a holistic approach and deal with the underlying cause – and low testosterone is a very common problem across all cultures, especially the more affluent members of the community. The traditional method of ingesting the health benefits of Tongkat Ali is to gently boil about 100 grams or 4 ounces of finely sliced dried root of the tree for about one hour until the result is a tea that can be drunk when it cools.

Since the 1970s, body builders have used extract from the tree root made into a capsule form rather than take the time and effort to boil it into a tea. Both methods are an excellent way to get the essential compounds from the root of the tree which causes and stimulates the body to make more of its own testosterone naturally.