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Jan is an amazing lady who is extremely knowledgeable about what she does. I have always found Jan so incredibly helpful and she has always been able to help me with several various health issues.
I would highly recommended Jan to anyone who is struggling with their health. Not only is she a lovely person, but she is also very professional & has the ability to make you feel very much at ease and relaxed in her company. I always leave feel much better & extremely uplifted. A really Great lady!
Sonia D, Griston

I can recommend Jan, I hurt my back just by bending slightly and Found moving difficult and painful. I was amazed how much the Bowen therapy helped and I was back to my usual self in a few days. I don't like massage as it always made me ache twice as much, so I was nervous going in. Jan put me at my ease and explained that Bowen is very gentle but very effective without the painful deep massage. After I got home I slept deeply for hours and woke feeling my back had eased considerably.
Liz H, Carbrooke

As a retired Bowen therapist with a good number of years experience, I know a good treatment when I get one. So I was delighted to find Jan after moving to Norfolk. She is one of the most genuine & caring people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, but more importantly she really knows her stuff !! I have ongoing back & shoulder problems which are always MUCH improved after seeing Jan. I trust her implicitly & would highly recommend her to anyone. I need look no further for an excellent therapist, so a big thank you to Jan.
Barbara L - swaffham, Norfolk. April 2015

I received a relaxing body massage from Jan and initially was a little apprehensive as to how aggressive the massage would be but it lived up to its title “relaxing”!
By the end of the treatment I felt totally relaxed both in body and mind.
Jan is empathetic, caring and highly knowledgable of her subject. She is extremely professional in her approach and technique emitting peace and calm throughout the treatment period.
Kate M - Ashill, Norfolk. 2015

"Not knowing what to expect I arrived at Jan's with a completely open mind, although I have to confess I was also a little nervous as Bowen wasn't a system I had any prior knowledge of, whatsoever, although bumping into Jan I could tell she knew her stuff. I found her really warm and welcoming, and after having a brief chat I immediately felt at home and quite chilled and happy. As she worked through pressure points on my body I could feel lots happening, and it felt as though balance was really being restored to relieve aches and pains. Considering it's quite a gentle therapy the results are actually pretty powerful, and the healing continues for some time afterwards. I can see that a series of appointments (probably at least three) would be most beneficial, but if you haven't tried it then it's as enjoyable as it is corrective and something well worth treating yourself to! "
Bella S. Watton, Norfolk. 2014

"I was contacted by Jan as I am also a reflexologist, with a view to having a treatment swap. Having been working in this field for much longer than me I have found that I have learned so much from Jan's extensive experience. I find her incredibly warm, caring and very perceptive and have come to rely on her treatments to treat a long standing medical condition I have. I have had many swaps with different reflexologists since I started my training, all have been beneficial, however Jan's treatment always leaves me feeling calm, balanced and feeling much better both physically and mentally."
Marie D - Wymondham, Norfolk. Febrary 2014

Oh jan, I didn't realise that you were moving......I am so are an amazing woman and I will always cherish such fun memories of you and the girls when I was growing up. The help and support ( and the laughs ) that you gave me through my "black "days when Hollie was born, then when she was a toddler, was invaluable, and I hope that I made my gratitude clear to you.Whatever you have Jan,it is truly a gift,there is no one else like you!!! Despite feeling so heavy hearted right now, I wish you all the luck in the world for your new life. Lots of love Jan .xxxx - Sharon P Aylesbury . January 2014

Oh jan, you have helped me so much, during your time here, from headaches as a child, to the most precious gift of all, my baby bump!!! Without your magic hands, conceiving her, may never have happened!!! Big kisses, lots of love!!! Keep in touch xxx💕 😍
Paula W. Bucks January 2014

Hi Jan, having been diagnosed two years ago from fibromyalgia and probably being undiagnosed for the past 5 years before that. I just want to say thank you for the difference you have made me feel with having regular massage and reflexology and Bowen over the past year. Your sessions have made me feel nearly normal. It has been so good knowing you, you will be greatly missed. But when you move your new clients will gain greatly from having reflexology with you. I wish you luck, good health and happiness.
Jean S. Stokenchurch, Bucks. 2013

Jan has been my therapist for about 15 years during which time I have attended her clinic on a monthly basis. At each appointment she used the appropriate therapy according to my needs and I always came away feeling very relaxed and pain free.
She is a very sensitive therapist and helped me through three very close bereavements which eased my emotions at the time.
Jan is a highly trained, professional therapist and I recommend her to deliver the appropriate therapy for a variety of needs. She really does have “magic hands” – pay her a visit – you will not be disappointed. Even if you have no ailments her treatments are very relaxing.
She will be sorely missed in our area and I wish Jan every success in her new business.
Liz Morgans, Stokenchurch, Bucks. 2013

Dear Jan, Firstly, I would like to thank you for introducing me to the powers of Reflexology and Bowen, I shall always be grateful to the "miracle" that relieved me of that back pain!!. I would secondly, like to thank you for helping me through some of my toughest times, and for your continued support encouraging me to grow as a person, Although Steve and I will miss you, we wish you happiness, good health and success for your move to Norfolk.
Love and light Nik & Steve, Bucks.

So pleased for you as I know you are keen to move but I will miss you a lot!
Not sure that anyone could replace you! You are a special lady!
I can't thank you enough for all your support and the therapy sessions that have always been more than just reflexology!
Hope the move goes well and I wish you all the best.
Will miss you!
Lots of love Sarah N - Penn, Bucks.

Hi Jan
I would like to say a big thanks to you, I could hardly walk with the pain in my back when I went to see you two weeks ago to have Bowen treatment, within 2 days my back was better. Unfortunately my neck got really bad and I could not turn my head. Five days after my first treatment I went back for a second Bowen therapy and amazingly I was able to feel the results within hours. By the third day I was totally better.
Annamaria B - Stokenchurch,Bucks.

Hi Jan, Just to let you know that I feel great!! Friday was ok, I felt
drained but I did work a night shift, Saturday evening I did have a really
bad headache but woke up well on Sunday. I had a threatened headache on
Sunday in that my neck began to feel tense, but it went on its own, and
today i feel great!!! no headache at all!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you
SP - Aylesbury.

Hi Jan,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me recently with my headaches and migraines. Having suffered with them for the last 12 years and taking a lot of medication a day to 'prevent' them I was incredibly dubious that anything like Bowen Technique would be able to help me...oh how wrong I was! After my first session on the Saturday I felt tired and drained, this carried on to the Sunday but come Monday I was like a new person. I woke up in the first time for goodness knows how long without a headache! This is unheard of for me as every single day I was plagued with a headache! I thought it was a fluke but the following days I woke again with no headache! I had my second session 10 days later and again felt tired and drained afterwards, however, this soon went and since having Bowen I've not had a headache or migraine! I'm still taking a lot of medication but I'm having this reviewed by my GP and hoping to cut it down by quite a bit. Not only has Jan helped me with the Bowen Technique but she also took the time to email me information about what kinds of foods I should be avoiding and genuinely seemed pleased that I was getting better.
Since my final Bowen session I've had the odd little headache but that's easily cleared up with paracetemol, something that hasn't happened in years.
I honestly can't thank you enough Jan for all your help.
Lauren J Radnage

BACK PROBLEMS DURING PREGANCY Hi Jan just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting my back out today. I had been to the doctors and they said they could not give me anything for it as I am 5 months pregnant and nothing was safe to use. I had the problem since Saturday morning which was really painful spasms in my shoulder I was not able to sleep or do anything really. I have had Bowen before and found it really helpful so I thought I would give it a go again I found you on the Internet and you were very helpful and saw me the very next day which was such a relief. When I had my therapy session I came home and slept for two hours and when I woke up I felt so much better I have only had a few slight twinges which have been nothing compared to what the pain before was untrue and now it feels like I have a new shoulder. So thank you very much and I will be telling people about you and should I have any more problems I will be back to you. Thanks again.
Lisa S - nr High Wycombe

Hi Jan........just a quick note to let you know that I can't believe the difference between how I feel tonight and how I felt on Monday night. I have made it through to the end of the day without the feeling of concrete across my shoulders and down my spine and still able to walk like a normal person and not a pigeon !!. The whole of the upper part of my back feels more flexible and more like 'normal'. The lower part of my back is still very tender and I am very movement conscious. I have felt spasms and tingles down my legs and felt very wobbly indeed around lunchtime. I am so glad that you were able to fit me in so quickly and the session yesterday really has made a difference. I look forward to seeing you again next Friday.
Louise S Oxfordshire

BABY WITH STERNOMASTOID TUMOUR Our daughter was born by Caesarean section during which she suffered some damage to her neck. She was diagnosed at 2 weeks old with a sternomastoid tumour, a benign lump caused by a tear in the muscles in her neck. This left her with a very pronounced lump on one side of her neck, a noticeable tilt of her head and an inability to turn her head to the left. We started with some conventional physiotherapy for her at 4 weeks old, through the NHS, but our Doctor recommended the work that Jan does with small babies and suggested that the Bowen technique may help. We were unsure at first as she was so small but Jan was incredibly gentle and her ability to engage such a small baby putting her and us completely at ease was exceptional. Jan started working with our daughter when she was 8 weeks old and after the very first session the lump on her neck disappeared. She had a further three sessions all of which helped her gain more flexibility in her neck so that she now has almost full movement and only a very slight tilt. Bowen is such a gentle technique, so much so, that as you witness it you can’t imagine that it could achieve anything; but it has been immensely effective for our daughter. We cannot thank Jan enough for her help, she truly is remarkable.
L & L K - Stokenchurch, Bucks.

I have been seeing Jan for reflexology for the last 3 years. In that time she has helped me with many ailments, from anxiety, hormonial issues, digestive issues, sleeplessness, and now, she is helping me through breast cancer problems. It has been a torrid time for me, and I really look forward to Jan’s treatment as I feel so much more at peace with myself after. The Reflexology session last week was nothing short of amazing. I walked in to her clinic feeling tired, miserable, ugly, (I had a mastectomy the previous week) constipated, and generally just at a low ebb. I walked out a different person. Reflexology always makes me feel like I’m walking on air, but to add to that I was energised, relaxed in my shoulders, (very unusual for me!) and felt more confident that I could cope with one breast. After a wonderful sleep, I woke up to considerably less pain from my operation site, and I had more range of motion in my arm, despite not having taken my medication so far that day. I have had many reflexologists over the years, due to the fact that I move areas with my job, but I can honestly say that Jan has been the most professional and efficient therapist that I have tried. I highly recommend her and would definitely travel to see her if I have to move away again.
Debbie L - Aylesbury.

BOWEN RELIEVED TODDLER WITH CONSTIPATION Erin who is nearly 2 years old has been suffering from constipation for quite a long time. She sometimes finds it unbearable to sit down and will scream in agony, constantly holding on tightly to any pieces of furniture: "Jan, I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday's Bowen therapy you gave to Erin. As you predicted, Erin had a nice sleep when she got home and she had a bowel movement. She had already been in the morning so for her to go twice in one day is unheard of, so she was a very happy little girl yesterday.
Today, she has already had two bowel movements, which is unusual and unheard of, once she has been she doesn't go again for another few days so again this is a breakthrough for us. You are now known as miracle worker in our household and I have been singing your praises all day".
LA Stokenchurch,

My wife had previously visited you for both Reflexology and Bowen therapies regarding her bad back and had been amazed at the effectiveness that the Bowen had on eliminating it. I too had suffered back pain for quite some time, but have to admit was somewhat dubious about having therapy of this type. After many months I finally gave in and said I would give Reflexology a try. It was the best thing I did as it worked a treat! I now have Reflexology once a month if I need it or not as it is also very relaxing. Thanks Jan
Nikki & Steve J. Stokenchurch

Jan, just wanted to let you know how much of a difference you have made to my son this week after his Bowen session with you.
He has been really hyper and quite a handful for the last couple of weeks. After the Bowen therapy he came home and had a tantrum that lasted at least 20 minutes, and was very hard to calm down and then he fell asleep very early. He was extremely hyper on Friday and then again this morning.
However, this afternoon I took him to a party and he was so well behaved, I didn't have to tell him off at all. He was like an angel, he even sat and ate all his food at the party and didn't get up once. Foods that normally made him hyper didn't react with him. He did sound a bit chesty when eating, which he does when he reacts, but to not have an immediate hyper reaction was amazing. When he came home he was so well behaved and went to bed with no problems.
I just wanted to let you know what a difference you have made!
Thanks so much! Natalie - High Wycombe, Bucks

Jan, I cannot thank you enough for helping me in my time of need, my back is now a thing of the past I have never felt better after receiving Bowen with you. Rarely do you find someone who understands and is able to put their charges at ease especially when they are in such pain.
Thank you Tim H - Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Hi Jan, just thought I would let you know what a wonderful person you are. Whatever you did for me yesterday, you need to bottle it and sell it – you will make millions!!!!! I feel great. I havn't taken any pain killers since my Bowen session yesterday, my neck feels so much better. I have felt so ill with the pain since Sunday and have been clock watching so that I can take my next pain killer. Thank you so much. If Hollie feels this great after every treatment then I will be bringing her to see you for a very long time. You are a very kind very clever lady and Hollie and I appreciate everything that you do for us.
Sharon P Aylesbury, Bucks

Jan - Just a quick note to thank you so much for sorting me out yesterday - it was brilliant that you had that cancelled appointment available just when I needed it.
I am in absolute awe of what you have done. Having been in serious trouble with my back yesterday, I have not a trace of pain today and apart from a little stiffness here and there, my movements are quite unrestricted and I have no discomfort whatever.
It is quite extraordinary and simply confirms what I have read in a number of places about the effectiveness of the Bowen Technique. I wish I had taken the plunge to give it a try years ago, instead of plodding on with conventional physio.
In case you hadn't guessed by now (!) I am completely sold on it, and I look forward to the further appointment next Friday as agreed.
Many many thanks. Mr C W - Jordans, Bucks.

Max who is 4 years old and has been suffering from asthma problems for nearly 2 years, has greatly benefitted from his regular Bowen Clinic visits with Jan. His Asthma problems have been kept "under control" and despite two viral induced Asthma coughs these have not developed into breathing difficulties which would normally have occurred resulting in hospital admission. He has stayed relatively well since June 2007 since he started having The Bowen Technique is always delighted to see Jan his "massage lady". She has a special way with children and Max enjoys how the Bowen Technique is "performed". He has shot up 4cms since starting and eats more enthusiastically! I certainly feel he would benefit from future visits to assist his asthma during the coming winter months - the Bowen Technique is giving me some reassurance that we may not be in hospital (in frightening circumstances with breathing difficulties) so much this winter. Thanks so much to Jan.
Joanna M - Prestwood, Bucks

REFLEXOLOGY HELPED TURN MY BABY I had heard that reflexology could sometimes help to turn baby in the womb, I was 38 weeks pregnant and my baby was breach, I was very upset and did not want a caesarean section. The medical profession said that the baby was in an awkward position in the womb and would probably not turn on his own, not wanting a caesarean section, I turned to Jan for some reflexology sessions. I felt great after the session and that evening my baby turned – it was a big movement – like he just “picked himself up and turned”. After my first reflexology session Jan suggested another reflexology appointment a day before the dreaded caesarean section. The day of my second reflexology appointment I went into labour, but was sent home as the labour pains went off, I kept my appointment with Jan and a few days later went into labour naturally. I had a beautiful baby boy, he came on his own without being induced. I am sure the reflexology sessions worked miracles. Thanks Jan.
Tess B (High Wycombe), Bucks

Reflexology with Jan is something I genuinely look forward to on a regular basis. I started looking at alternative medicine when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and use Reflexology as one way to keep the flare ups at bay. Reflexology with Jan is an experience that leaves me floating out of the door totally relaxed. The hour I have spent starts with a relaxed chat that evolves into near sleep tranquillity with ones feet being massaged often creating pleasant tingling sensations in ones head as the nerve impulses connect from the feet to the brain. This all happens in a relaxing atmosphere in Jan's dedicated room and ends with Jan's feedback of what is wrong throughout ones body (even if you haven't mentioned it - she knows!) and then often some tips on what can be done to fix symptoms.....I can not recommend her more highly. Ben B. Radnage, Bucks

Bowen is essentially a gentle therapy for the total body and so it was my choice when I suffered intense pain in my right shoulder, upper arm and hand to have Bowen. After the first treatment I had immediate relief and now, after 4 treatments, I am almost pain-free. Simultaneously there has been noticeable improvement in the nasal area and my general body movement is much more flexible which, at 87 years, is a Bowen bonus.
Marjorie W. (Thame), Oxfordshire

I had heard about the benefits of reflexology for both Mum and baby for having a healthy pregnancy and also in preparing for labour. I looked on the internet and found a practitioner and went excited to my first appointment. Unfortunately it was a disaster – the therapist talked all the way through the reflexology session and we didn’t click. I felt despondent but didn’t give up and eventually found Jan.
From the first moment I knew that I had made a lucky find. Jan is a therapist and a healer in the true sense of the word and I left the first session feeling elated!
During my pregnancy I saw Jan once a month and she helped me relieve both physical symptoms e.g. heartburn, lower back and pelvic pain and also emotional stresses. In the final weeks I saw Jan once a week to help prepare for labour and hopefully bring the baby on time!
I went into labour naturally four days after my due date – which according to my NCT teacher is the most common time and therefore the norm! I had a straight forward labour with no medical intervention. The only pain relief methods I used were a TENS machine and water. Charlie was born in the water after ten hours of labour. People are amazed when I tell them that my first baby came on time, that I didn’t tear, had no stitches and that my labour was only ten hours. Charlie is a calm, alert, happy baby and I am a happy Mum. Thanks Jan, my very own white witch!
Steph C (Uxbridge) Middlesex

When I became pregnant for the first time I was like so many first-time mummys, full of excitement, apprehension and the desire to do my absolute best for my unborn child and me. I read so many magazines and pregnancy books which often gave conflicting advice! But I always found that wherever REFLEXOLOGY was mentioned they talked about how this therapy can help reduce the time you are in labour. I had never tried reflexology but had heard from a friend (who also visits Jan) that it is SO relaxing - just what I need I thought, some well deserved pampering with a possible added bonus of benefiting me in labour and possibly my baby. So I began a series of reflexology sessions with Jan. She put me at ease immediately - within half an hour I was snoring away! (and I never snore usually!) I didn't pin my hopes on Jan being able to help reduce the time I spent in labour but just took each session as an hour all about ME TIME! Then my due date was upon me and low and behold my gorgeous little boy appeared after only 6 hours labour (including the pushing) AND on his due date AND no forceps or other such contraptions! I really can't say whether reflexology did all these things but all I do know is - out of 14 people I have met through anti-natal classes, I am the only one whose baby was on time and I had the shortest labour by a full 5 hours. I leave it up to you to decide but I thoroughly recommend Jan's reflexology treatment for the whole pampering experience."......Karen, High Wycombe

I have just finished having radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer. During a session of reflexology with Jan, I mentioned that I was feeling very bloated and generally uncomfortable with water retention. Jan recommended a course of three therapy sessions of the Bowen Technique. This was my first experience of this technique and even though Jan had fully explained what was going to happen the first session was quite disconcerting. The second and third sessions were much less so because I knew what to expect.
The sessions are painless, non interventional and relaxing (maybe that's just lying down in a quiet room!). After the first treatment I was aware of a marked increase of `night sweats` and hot flushes during the day. These also occurred after the second and third treatment but not to such a degree. For the first two nights after every Bowen session my sleep was disturbed considerably; this did settle down and again and was not so severe after the second and third sessions. I had the Bowen therapy on a Monday for three consecutive weeks and each week on the Thursday I felt extremely tired.These effects aside, I felt so much better. The swollen, bloated feeling I had been experiencing had gone. I peed for England on the day after each Bowen session and found that if I did not keep my fluid intake up I became quite headachy. As an `extra` - little irritations like a painful jaw and aching neck were also put right with Bowen.
I have had massage and reflexology with Jan Conran for the last four years and Bowen was a new experience for me. Jan has always been very straight with me and I trust her judgement and opinions. Her application of the Bowen Technique is as well carried out as her massage and reflexology and it certainly worked for me. I would not hesitate to recommend it as a therapy for pain, stress and physical discomfort.
I have known Jan for the last four years and would now consider her to be a friend as well as an excellent therapist. She is always very professional and honest. She never falters from `telling it as it is`. These are qualities I admire. On top of this, she gives a wonderful massage and, my favourite treatment, reflexology.
Lindsey W. Stokenchurch, Bucks

After three and a half years on a walking stick, with a very painful knee problem and two stays in hospital and numerous visits to Hospital Consultants, drugged up to the eyes with pain killers all to no avail, I resigned myself to a life hobbling about in pain. Jan Conran suggested I try the Bowen Technique. I was a sceptic and after the first session this didn't change my mind. After the second session of Bowen and to my amazement and my family and friends, I gave up my stick and from then on it got better and better. I now dance again, ride a bike and walk miles etc. Every so often I have a top up therapy session. I cannnot urge people enough to try the Bowen Technique.
Janice E Stokenchurch, Bucks.

I have been receiving reflexology and massage from Jan for several years now. It has been a very enlightening experience! The therapy sessions enable me to go into a deep relaxed state and download stress. I come away feeling positive and more able to tackle life's trials and tribulations. In addition, I have always found the "me" time thoroughly enhances my ability to focus and reflect on what is currently happening in my life and feel happy about the good things and deal effectively with the not-so-good things! I also feel the treatments have benefited my overall general health.
Lynda H Bucks

Reflexology provides me with a feeling of well-being and has certainly helped to reduce my stress levels. I started having sessions with Jan following a bout of shingles a couple of years ago. I have no doubt that it speeded up my recovery, other people I know who have had shingles felt run down for weeks but I seemed to get over it much quicker. I still have reflexology about every six weeks and notice the difference if I miss an appointment. Following a car accident this year, Jan gave me some Bowen technique for a stiff neck and painful elbows, she achieved more in two weeks than the three months conventional treatment that I tried before. I was delighted when the insurance company paid for my therapy sessions, further proof that complementary therapies are becoming more and more recognised.
Jenny D Bucks

I have unfortunately, several non-life threatening (I hope) problems. I have severe Hashimoto's (thyrod problems). Deafness in my right ear and Polycystics Ovary Syndrome. On top of that, I have back pain, especially in my lower back and both shoulders. More recently I started to have aches and pains in my joints (my age is 51).
It was my Oestopath that suggested, once he'd sorted my back out that regular massage would help. It did for a while. I have tried a few alternative therapies (reflexology, acupuncture etc), but for me Bowen has been the best, it has eased my aches and pains and Bowen has helped to bring my blood pressure down, now only having to visit my GP every two months to have it checked. I have NO IDEA how it works but it does. I always know if I've left it too long between therapy sessions as I'm in pain, so now I book regular monthly Bowen appointments with Jan.
For me it's the friendliness of Jan Conran as much as the Bowen Technique that helps me, as she always cheers me up and listens (uncomplainingly to all my problems)!
Tricia N Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire.

My first appointment with Jan was to find out about reflexology and give another complementary therapy a try. That was 3 years ago and I have been for monthly therapy sessions ever since!! I find it relaxes me, gives me energy and has kept me healthy and free from colds and ailments. Jan usually knows I have toothache before I do!!
You're a star Jan - thanks for everything.
Mary H Radnage, Buckinghamshire


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