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(children under 12 years of age - approximately 20 minutes session) Our daughter was born by Caesarean section during which she suffered some damage to her neck. She was diagnosed at 2 weeks old with a sternomastoid tumour, a benign lump caused by a tear in the muscles in her neck. This left her with a very pronounced lump on one side of her neck, a noticeable tilt of her head and an inability to turn her head to the left. We started with some conventional physiotherapy for her at 4 weeks old, through the NHS, but our Doctor recommended the work that Jan does with small babies and suggested that the Bowen technique may help. We were unsure at first as she was so small but Jan was incredibly gentle and her ability to engage such a small baby putting her and us completely at ease was exceptional. Jan started working with our daughter when she was 8 weeks old and after the very first Bowen session the lump on her neck disappeared. She had a further three Bowen therapy sessions all of which helped her gain more flexibility in her neck so that she now has almost full movement and only a very slight tilt. Bowen is such a gentle technique, so much so, that as you witness it you can’t imagine that it could achieve anything; but it has been immensely effective for our daughter. We cannot thank Jan enough for her help, she truly is remarkable.

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