TE Edit Control: Best Rich Text Editor from the Sub Systems

Most of us now have distanced ourselves,Guest Posting intentionally or unintentionally, from pen and paper as we only type! The popularity of using computer and MSWord in schools, colleges, and offices compels us to use the rich text editor. One can change and impact the appearance of your text using the rich-text editor, which is also known as a WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get editor. In brief, it helps in styling the text that we type in and beautify the letters as we would have done manually while writing on papers.

The rich-text toolbar that we find in MSWord features icons for formatting and editing your text. The WYSIWYG, however, goes even further to help the users easily include links, images, video, and audio as well apart from just text. This is based on an open-source application termed CKEditor. Rich Text Format developed by search Microsoft can be easily read by a maximum number of word processors.

There is a significant difference between plain text and rich text. Plain text generally entertains no formatting except just line breaks and spacing. Text formatting of any kind is not possible using plain text like you cannot change font sizes and highlight certain texts, do bolding or change the font style to italics. It is, therefore, a better decision and always a common practice to text to video prefer Rich Text to Plain text for the creation of emails. Rich Text is a popular default format for typing emails, letters, resumes, reports online.

JavaScript Rich Text Editor happens to be powerful and popular programs & applications that users can use as standalone apps. The apps generally are scripted in JavaScript programming language. A wide range of Rich Text Editor JavaScript is available in the market, a few of which are also available in their free online version. Open-source rich text editing software is available as well.

If you are looking for a user-friendly and feature-rich rich text editor then Sub Systems can provide you with the one. TE Edit search Control can help users to incorporate helpful text editing features into their application in a hassle-free way. Users can buy The Win32, .NET and Java versions of the software from the site along with their source code. Please note that the software is completely royalty-free for wider distribution without any issue.

TE Edit search Control text editor comes with an array of useful and attractive features that helps to accentuate its utility value. A few from a pool of salient features are worth mentioning here to help users know what they will be paying for.